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Gay Adoption – Austria

Austria has not yet approved same – sex marriage – but adoption by gay couples is on its way. Can full marriage and family equality be very far behind?

Austria ban on gay adoption declared illegal

Austria’s highest court overturned Wednesday a law that prevents same-sex couples from adopting children, bringing it into line with many European countries.

At present only couples who are married can adopt children in the largely conservative EU member state, where same-sex couples are not allowed to marry.

Gays and lesbians can form a registered partnership but cannot adopt unless the child is the biological child of their partner.

The constitutional court said that there was “no factual justification for having different rules based on sexual orientation that rule out the adoption of children by those in a civil partnership.”

Some EU countries such as Britain, the Netherlands and France allow same-sex marriage with full adoption rights. But in others such as Portugal, Germany and Hungary varying restrictions remain.

via GlobalPost.