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Lamp: Biblical Sex, What the Bible Says and Doesn’t Say About Sex and Marriage

In his book Biblical Sex, What the Bible Says and Doesn’t Say About Sex and Marriage, Walter Lamp explains the literal biblical sex and marriage mandates, discusses homosexuality, and same-sex marriage. Without a political or religious agenda, Lamp shows that the Old Testament does condemn homosexuality and, surprisingly, accepts lesbianism. He discusses how King David was involved in a relationship with another man.

“Biblical Sex” takes nothing for granted about readers’ biblical knowledge or lack thereof. It is a lighthearted and easy read in spite of its serious subject matter. Every term and quote is explained with a clear citation to its place in the Old Testament and Hebrew Bible, which, as Lamp’s book explains, are essentially the same thing.

While noting the book’s condemnation of heterosexual adultery, he points out that men could have as many wives as they wanted. He shows how women were deprived of basic rights, such as owning property or divorcing and were discriminated against in other ways.

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