Queer Martyrs For the Church

The stories of queer martyrs that come down to us include those of pairs of martyred Roman soldiers and lovers, martyred Roman women.

St. Sebastian,  widely celebrated as a gay icon, but this is based on the homoerotic quality of the extensive set of paintings of his martyrdom, commonly depicting a naked male torso riddled with arrows. He was not in fact gay, but deserves attention as a Role Model.

St Eugenia / Eugenios of Alexandria Dec 24th, and Protas & Hyacinthus, her eunuch slaves.

Felicity and Perpetua (d. 2o3), a Roman woman and her devoted slave, who were martyred together, and whose names used to feature amongst the saints listed in the Eucharistic Prayer of the Catholic Mass. (“Eternal Bliss” – SS Felicity and Perpetua, March 7thSS. Perpetua and *Felicity, martyrs, 07/03)

Polyeuct and Nearchos (d. circa 250), two Roman soldiers and lovers, martyred together for their Christian faith. (Saints Polyeuct and Nearchus, Jan 9th)

Sergius and Bacchus (d. 303), like Polyeuct and Nearchos, these were also  two Roman soldiers and lovers, martyred together for their Christian faith – and by far the best known of all the gay saints. (Sergius & Bacchus, October 7th: Patron Saints of Gay Marriage?)

Juventinus and Maximus? (d. 363)


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