Where Next for the Queer Church?

It is still feasible that I will be able to retrieve my original site in something close to its complete form. If not, I will have to reconstruct as much of it as possible, as best I can. Some of that will be by directly importing material from the satellite sites (eg, Queer Saints and Martyrs, Queer Ear for the Rainbow Scriptures, and some others). Additional material may have to be rewritten from scratch, or adapted from existing material elsewhere.

Doing this, if necessary, will take time, but there is a silver lining – it will offer an opportunity to reconstruct the site with a more coherent page and category structure than before. I need to identify the most important themes to focus on, which will become the top level pages in the structure. My present thinking is that these could include:


Gay / queer theology

Queer Saints / Church history

Marriage and Family


Science of Sex/Gender


For now, I’ll be creating these as provisional dummy pages to act as placeholders, to be populated with material as I go along. Comment and suggestions about these, or other proposals, would be most welcome.

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